Churches and Schools

Religious Orders

Our first Church Floor was commissioned by the Society of African Missions at Dromatine Retreat and Conference Centre in Newry. It also is a centre for missionary animation and a residence for retired SMA priests.

We installed a sealed Stone Carpet floor for them and incorporated their SMA Logo. As they progress to their quiet area for prayer and reflection they are reminded of the purpose of their Society and dedication to the African Missions.

We then ventured on to the Poor Claire Sisters on Nuns Island, Galway City where we installed Stone Carpet into their reception rooms and family Areas. The nuns were extremely appreciative of the effort and outcome of the work we carried out for them and our Cleaning and Maintenance Team have been called upon to wash and polish the floors regularly to keep the floors looking as good as the day they were installed.

Church Halls

When Hall Black Douglas Architects wanted a bespoke design for the new Community Area at St Johns Church on the Ormeau Road in Belfast, we recommended a Resin Floor for them in the form of a new Sealed Stone Carpet to be installed in their Foyer.

As the floors were partially round in shape, a seamless floor was the order of the day. We also helped them to camouflage the expansion joints in the floor by using an aluminium trim as part of the design.

The client was delighted with the outcome, so much so that they commissioned us to lay Resin Flooring in their Kitchen and connecting Hallway. Resi-Lutions had a Win Win – Both Architect and Client on Board.

In 2007 we opened our new suite of halls incorporating meeting rooms, offices and a beautiful Foyer which is used as a reception area

The Architect further endorsed our product range by specifying us to install a similar Resin Floor in Dunmurry Presbyterian Church Halls. Again this project was unique in nature as the foyer and reception areas were an unusual shape and a seamless floor was the most aesthetically pleasing option available.

Away from Church Halls and into Church Bodies.

We were commissioned to lay a new Stone Carpet in the refurbishment of St Brigid’s Church in Curraghboy, Athlone. This entailed a New Stone Carpet to the Body of the Church, A Stairwell to the Choir Gallery and Church Logos incorporating the historical dates in the church’s history and replica’s of St Brigid’s Cross at the entrances. The Floor was completed in two Colours.

The Good Shepherd Church in nearby Four Roads also opted for a Two Colour Stone Carpet installation.

One Colour to define the walkways and another colour for the seating Areas. Again the installation was enhanced by the Church Logo of the Good Shepherd.

This product was also endorsed by the Church Committee when they agreed to install a similar Resin System in the Corridor and Toilet Facilities in Nearby Ballyforan National School. This project was completed whilst the school was on summer break and therefore did not inconvenience the running of the school.