Hospitality & Retail

Flooring systems in restaurants and hospitality facilities demand special attention. Resin Flooring options provide flooring solutions that are exceptionally durable, easy to clean, safe and skid-resistant—all while offering updated decor and design flexibility. The hospitality and restaurant flooring systems at RESI-LUTIONS do all of this and more, making them ideal for retail facilities of all types.

The luxury flooring achieved within restaurants and bars can provide a touch of world-class design, comfort and cleanliness. This can instantly convey a brand identity through a large selection of colours and designs across a range of materials including coloured chips, coloured quartz blends, or metallic powders that can add interest, texture, colour and patterns to areas accessible to guests and customers.

Restaurants and bars engage all the senses, and Resi-Lutions recommended choice in floors will reflect the type of dining ambience you are looking to create. Being in busy places, these floors need to be hard-wearing and resist any scratches and scuffs from moving chairs and tables.

The high-performance floor coatings we offer, can help you redefine a space. The right flooring system can showcase dramatically expansive architecture, create a homely feeling in a cosy corner or welcome visitors with company floor logos.

With one of the most complete RESIN flooring lines on the market, Resi-Lutions has high-performance solutions like epoxy resin floor coatings for hospitality and more, with the following benefits:

Innovative flooring decor for public areas
Custom colours and blends—our speciality!
Logos, patterns, multiple effects and floor design options
High-performance topcoats that protect and preserve your flooring
Choice of slip-resistant finishes, customisable for different areas
High temperature and thermal shock-resistant floors
Steam-cleanable resin floor systems
Easy to clean, inexpensive to maintain, and no waxing required
Economical, safe and sanitary flooring systems for back of the house

Our impressive range of eye-catching restaurant and hospitality flooring systems providing innovative resin solutions for everything from casual food service seating to elegant dining rooms, have already been installed in the following establishments to name but a small selection.

Durable Hospitality & Restaurant Flooring Systems for Back of the House

Commercial kitchens, laundry rooms, locker rooms, mechanical spaces and more are all critical areas in the back of the house. As these locations can easily become wet and slippery, your floor finish must be skid-resistant.

We balance the ideal slip-resistance with distinct cleanability, making it easier to maintain a safe workspace for your staff. We offer floor-to-wall cove bases, epoxy resin floors that slope to drains and finishes that hold up under repeated steam and power-washing. Epoxy Resin floor coatings for hospitality must be resistant to harsh disinfectants and industrial cleaning solutions, while floors in walk-in freezers and coolers may be subjected to temperature cycling and thermal shock when defrosted or sanitized.

With so many requirements, finding the flooring systems for the different areas of your facility can be a challenge. With Resi-Lutions, you can relax- as Industry approved installers we are there to help.

Commercial kitchen within restaurants:

At the end of a long shift, exhausted back-of-the-house staff members appreciate when the kitchen has low maintenance floors that are easy to clean. By having kitchen flooring that can be quickly sanitized in an efficient manner, restaurants can make a noticeable difference in staff morale, efficiency and labour costs.
gormanstown 1
gormanstown kitchen

At Resi-Lutions, we understand kitchens are hard-hitting environments that must adhere to high standards, including local and regional health codes and regulations.

That’s why we create commercial floor coatings for simplified hygienic maintenance in kitchens. Restaurants need flooring specifically for their kitchens that protects the health of their patrons and we create floor finishes that meet the functional needs of kitchen environments, including:

Resistance to acidic and caustic foods and stains
Resistance to deteriorating or melting under higher temperatures
Continual performance, even when subjected to daily thermal shock and thermal cycling
Easily withstands industrial strength degreasers and sanitizers
Options to be washed with a high-pressure hose and even via steam cleaning
Option to create a proper slope-to-drain, as well as an integral cove base
Customizable slip-resistance
High tolerance of ongoing moist to wet conditions
Quick installation for minimal facility downtime
Low odour during installation
Formaldehyde and solvent-free—and completely inert after full cure
Antimicrobial, possessing fungi-static and bacteriostatic properties
Impervious and non-absorbing of food or cooking odours
Free of unsightly, porous grout lines that can hold water or harbour microbes
Seamless, monolithic surface that deters germs

Resi-Lutions commercial floor coatings are easy to clean and keep in inspection-ready condition. Our floor finishes furnish a homogenous surface without grout lines, producing an overall cleaner surface, are implemented