Industrial Warehousing & Epoxy Coatings

General Warehousing and Workshops to mention just a small section within the Sector, also require a product that will provide the client with a product that is resistant to abrasion, has a hard surface and has low retention of dirt. One that can provide a slip resistant surface that can be ideally Line Marked to show Walkways, Danger Areas, Loading or Intake Bays.

Several of our clients have opted to use a water based epoxy resin system when they required a coating that could meet their needs in several situations. Resi-Lutions have listened carefully to the clients remit and have provided advice on the correct product for their individual needs.

The versatility of this product can be seen through the wide range of applications from Warehousing to Emergency Stairwells, Dog Kennels to Meeting Rooms.
South West College, Omagh


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Jimmy Willis Warehouse, Markethill

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Keady Country Kennels, Co. Armagh