Meat Processing Plants

In line with the afore-mentioned regulations, Water-based polyurethane resin screeds are designed to provide excellent heavy-duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in many aggressive environments. These prove to be ideal for use in Food Processing Plants. However, as each food industry has specific requirements, the Base product can be adapted to provide:

A very slip resistant floor – using a grip system where aggressive cleaning techniques can be employed.
An easily cleaned floor – by applying a Chemical Resistant Sealer Coat. The resultant floor will still give you good anti-slip qualities to meet the requirement, but will mean less aggressive cleaning techniques can be used.

The Polyurethane Screed can be applied at varying depths to accommodate these characteristics with a 9mm nominal thickness trowelled screed being most suitable for a Hot Steam Cleaning/ Power Wash whilst a 2-3mm Self-Levelling Screed will produce a smoother finish but cannot withstand the same aggressive cleaning regime.

Advantages include:
High chemical resistance
Resistant to hot water and steam water
Excellent slip resistant finish
Matt finish
Extremely hard wearing
Food Safe & non-tainting – Camden BRI Approved
Fast application

Meat Processing Plants, Lisnaskea
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