Sporting Facilities

When Belfast City Council were revamping the Henry Jones Playing Fields, they required a decorative finish to their existing flooring which would not only help upgrade the venue into a modern facility, but also provide the Council with an assurance that they were providing a safe and clean environment for their patrons.

Resi-Lutions designed and implemented a flooring product which would provide a varying degree of anti-slip, depending on whether it was a Dry Area, a Wet Shower Area or an Entrance area from Pitch Side.

All three environments had to be slip resistant, easy cleaned, and aestetically pleasing.

The floor was designed to withstand the pressure of massess of dirty football boots, both studded and moulded soles. Both presented a different perspective on how the floor should be finished to provide most grip but also allow the maintenance team the simpliest cleaning methods.

In the changing rooms again a smooth but slip resistant floor was required to accommodate patrons and maintenance alike, and in the communal shower areas a floor, whereby maximum grip had to be affected, to ensure that the risk of slipping was minimised when water and detergents were being used by several patrons at once was required.

Resi-Lutions used the same product throughout but improvised by applying scatter quartz and sealer coats in varying degrees. The overall effect meant that the “dirty areas” were smoother and easier cleaned and the “clean areas” were grittier and only required a squeegee clean when showering was complete. Belfast City Council required a Resin System that would be hard wearing, attractive, and have an impervious sealed surface. A surface that could withstand abrasion and impact damage and be resistant to chemicals.

Resi-Lutions Ltd listened to the brief, modified the product to suit, and delivered all the clients needs and requirements as requested.


The success of the Henry Jones Site led us to impress upon other sporting faciities that Resin Flooring with its Longevity, Ease of Cleaning and unlimited colour combinations was the only way to go.


The Offaly School of Excellence

After visiting the Henry Jones Site, The Offaly School of Excellence were convinced and they presented us with a challenge. With a very tight construction schedule and a range of products required, we set upon completing an overall flooring installation of approx 1000mts 2 which included for

  1. Decorative Resin Screed complete with covings;
  2. A Stone Carpet Installation to include a Set of Stairs complete with Enhancement Strips for the Visually Impaired and
  3. An Epoxy Resin Coating System to the meeting rooms complete with construction joints and Coatings to the Fire Escape Stairwell.

We had an anxious wait to see if all the materials could be produced within the allocated timeframe and then we were set to go to Kilcormac in Co Offaly. Working in conjunction with other trades we had two weeks to complete the installation.

The end result was very rewarding and we were deemed sporting heros as we installed a very prestigious County Board Logo into the Entrance Hall which will be the envy of all visiting counties for a long time to come.